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Health Risks with Cockroaches

Cockroaches, just like other insects may bring health risks especially if they are not apprehended. First, cockroaches may contaminate your home or environment by leaving their droppings and scatter bacteria that may cause food poisoning. Second, they can cause allergens that may be bad for human health especially for those who have asthma and respiratory problems.

In order to avoid these health risks with cockroaches, prevent them from infesting your home.

There are insect sprays that specializes on dealing with cockroaches—Strike Cockroach Killer Spray. With a special nozzle that could spray in “hard to reach” places or corners of your home making sure you leave no cockroach surviving to spread diseases.

It is built in such a scientific way wherein the contents get emitted in UNIFORM quantity and amounts of all components, particles and ingredients come out fully CONCENTRATED which disperses quickly but stays in the area for a longer time. Compared to other insecticides, Strike Cockroach Killer Spray has a remarkable canister and a guiding pipe on its spray spout which makes up for maximum usage of contents that allow direct spray contact to cockroaches making it easier to use in order to fight cockroaches and bugs that may reside in corners that are hard to reach.


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