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Dangers of Flies

Flies are widely recognized as carriers of communicable diseases as they carry hundreds of pathogens around their body filled with bacteria and viruses. 

A single fly can post a threat to one’s health especially when not apprehended properly—these flies can carry the following diseases:

-        Typhoid fever
-        Cholera
-        Dysentery
-        Salmonella
-        Tuberculosis

Aside from that, they can also transmit parasitic worms to our body which can put our health at risk which is why, it is good to make sure that you take all the necessary precautions to avoid interacting with flies and prevent them from infesting your home. There are fly killing products that we can benefit from, in a very reasonable and affordable price.

There are different fly killing products but according to reviews and research, these new product called Strike Fly Killing Coil is highly effective in repelling flies by performing steadily, safely and cleanly in the most economical way possible. Most coils are made using inferior materials which cause unpleasant odors, short ignition time and poor insecticidal effect which could cause major hazards to human and animals. Unlike other coils, Strike Fly Killing Coil is developed in the most scientific and secured process which does not include harmful materials.


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