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Men and their Happiness

“Happiness relies solely on yourself”.

You probably have encountered this sort of quote a few times in your life already but it’s there because it has a great purpose. Often we look for happiness in different places only to be disappointed and frustrated.

“I am not happy anymore” basically that line, is the beginning of an end. Something that may or may not be good for us; more often than not, we hear it in relationships and the rest is history. How do men find happiness? How do men stay happy despite everything? It’s simple.

Men and Their Happiness:

·       A couple of beer with trusted friends on a regular basis is something that makes men happy. Having a family and a career doesn’t mean you need to let go of what matters the most in life such as friendship.
      Good food make us men happy. As long as it is good and healthy, it gives men the bolt of happiness!

·        Alone time is also the key to keeping us happy. It’s not that men are not sociable but often times we do need some time for ourselves just as you women need it too.

·        Don’t deprive the relationship from lovemaking, romance and cuddling. Though we look tough on the outside, we still look forward to the comfort and gentleness you bring upon us.

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