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Mind-Blowing Intimate Activity Proven by Science

You probably know your way in bed with your partner, you may have been together for a while now but there are still things you ought to remember every so often in order to keep the sexual relationship going and healthy.

1.      Always keep your sexual relationship with your partner very intimate, personal and filled with sincerity. According to studies in sensual and erotic behaviors, people who are emotionally attached to their partners and are genuine lovers, have more mind-blowing sex experience compared to people in a superficial relationship.

2.      Be careful with how you actually do the deed. There are times that men get carried away and forget that what they’re doing is supposed to be an act of love and not some physical exercise you and your partner are obliged to do. It’s always best to be gentle.

3.      Do not be shy to show your emotions during the deed. It’s okay if you can’t help but moan or make facial expressions. According to studies and recent surveys, as long as you are genuine with your actions during the deed, it will be 10 more times better than faking it.

4.      Do not be afraid to try different things. Go out of your comfort zones and experiment!
If you want to spice things up intimately, there are over the counter supplements that help enhance libido and vigor, taking lovemaking to the next level. Look for supplements that have ingredients such as Spiral Algae, Corn Extract, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Medlar Extract, Cistanche Salsa Extract and Ginseng. These are powerful ingredients packed with benefits!

Spiral Algae helps in improving the body strength and enhances the immune system. Corn Extract and Hawthorn Berry improves blood circulation and aids in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Medlar Extract has high amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals packed with health benefits for the over-all strength of the body. Cistanche Salsa Extract  and Ginseng enhances the muscle functions, strengthens the immune system and increases libido for men. These ingredients when combined can help the overall health of the body and can even fight erectile dysfunction for men. Aside from the health benefits it provides, intimacy and endurance in lovemaking may be more satisfying. A product with all these key ingredients have been popular for years now, it’s called Robust Extreme. There are a lot of reviews about it and if you want a whole new punch on your lovemaking, give this a try, get it from Mercury Drug and see for yourself!


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