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DOH 4S Strategy to Continue Fighting Zika and Dengue

DOH 4S Strategy to Continue Fighting Zika and Dengue

Mosquito borne diseases continue to pose a threat in human health and though technology and medicine has made it less threatening, it doesn’t mean we can just slack off and not be vigilant about these diseases. Sure, hospitals can help us get rid of it but it’s still a dangerous diseases especially Zika and Dengue. 
Bye Roaches!

Bye Roaches!

It's not like my house is infested with roaches but seriously, I don’t want to see roaches roaming freely inside my house or anywhere near me. So when I saw the Strike Cockroach Killer Spray, it caught my attention and I immediately grabbed one. I was thinking I need to try this product and see if it’s actually effective even if I don’t see a lot of roaches in my house. I actually forgot about it but after a day or 2, I saw a cockroach at around midnight running across my dining floor area! I was so stunned and remembered my cockroach spray. I waited ‘til morning to be able to use it and I kept my fingers crossed. After using it, I didn’t see any roaches again which made me really happy. It was too early to tell so I kept using it and kept observing. After a week, there are no sign of roaches day in and day out! It was so brilliant that I want to recommend it to you guys!
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